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Kumpulan macam macam majas terlengkap beserta contohnya

Kumpulan macam macam Majas terlengkap beserta contohnya or allusion is a beautiful language that is used to enhance the impression of the way to introduce and to compare an object with another object or anything else that is more general.

Majas can be classified as follows.

     Majas comparison
     opposition Majas
     Majas linkage
     Majas looping

A. Majas Perbandingan
Comparative Majas consists of four types, namely:

1. Majas Perumpamaan
Perumpamaan is a comparison of two things that are intrinsically related and deliberately considered equal.

     Bak looking for lice in the fibers. (Doing something that is impossible)
     Like goats were driven into the water. (This person is reluctant told or asked to do something)
     Sweet as honey.
     Deep sea.
     An angel.
     As fresh as the morning air.

Perumpamaan is explicitly expressed by kata like, like, like, like, penaka, sepantun, like, for instance.

2. Majas metafora
Majas metafora is an implicit comparison. So, without a kata comparison between two different things. In other words, metaphors that figure of speech in the form of figurative similarities between objects are renamed to replace objects.

     When did you meet with the loan sharks?
     Siti Mutmainah is the flower village here.
     Hunger still haunts the people of Ethiopia.
     Nina stalk mother's heart.

3. Majas personifikasi
Majas personifikasi is a figure of speech comparing the write inanimate objects be as if hidup, can do, or moving.

     Bullet tearing the enemy's chest.
     Great flood had swallowed whole treasure population.
     The sun began to creep upward.
     Thick fog enveloped our village.

4. Majas alegori
Majas alegori is generally menganding properties of human morals.

     Rowing boat household. (Perbandingan intact for someone in the household)

B. Majas Pertentangan
Opposition Majas is divided into 7 types, namely:

     Majas hiperbola
     Majas litotes
     Majas ironi
     Majas antonomia
     Majas oksimoron
     Majas paradoks
     Majas Kontradiksio

1. Majas hiperbola
Majas hiperbola is a figure of speech that states something to excess.

     Menganak sweat river.
     His voice boomed splitting the sky.

2. Majas litotes
Majas litotes is a figure of speech that states the opposite of hyperbole, that states something to reduce or soften the circumstances. Litotes Majas called hyperbole is also negative.

     But, sorry we can not provide anything. Just enough water to wet my throat's all there.
     Of course, the book is still far from perfect. Therefore, all the criticisms and suggestions I receive with pleasure.

3. Majas ironi
Majas ironi is a figure of speech that conveys the meaning of the opposite or contradictory, with satirical intent. Majas ironi figure of speech also called satire.

     Good that you say is true, so galling.
     You're smart, do the problems that there are really none.

4. Majas antonomia
Majas antonomia is mention of an individual based on its special characteristics.

     Sssssttt, look! The chatty come. You do not need to ask.
     Miscellaneous! Let the fat guy who deal with it later.
     Yesterday I saw the sunglasses out together with the Kribo. True, or not?

5. Majas oksimoron
Majas oksimoron is a disclosure containing establishment / opinion on something that contains things that are contradictory.

     It is true that consensus is a container to find a deal. But not infrequently into conflict container participants.
     Radio broadcasts can be used for means of unity and unity, but also as a tool to divide a community or nation.
     Sport climbing the hill is interesting, but also very dangerous.

6. Majas paradoks
Majas paradoks is disclosure to a reality that seems contradictory, but it contains the truth.

     Indeed luxury life, have a car, a big house, but they are not happy. Do not know why, maybe because it has not had children.
     Although he lived in a big city, metropolis, the entertainment is everywhere, he told me he was lonely.

7. Majas Kontradiksio
Majas Kontradiksio is showing disagreement with the disclosure that has been said to be used as an exception.

     Actually all of his brother, the first-first intelligent, only he himself stupid. Perhaps because of the laziness.
     The night was pitch black, without flickering fireflies that briefly appear and disappear for a while.

C. Majas Pertautan
Engagement Majas can be divided into:

     Majas metanimia
     Majas Sinekdok, consisting of:
         Pars pro toto
         Totem pro parte
     Majas alusio
     Majas Eufemisme

1. Majas metanimia
Majas metanimia is a figure of speech that uses the name or the name of the traits linked with people, goods or things, as his successor.

     Dad loves to suck the salt warehouse. (That cigarette)
     The Tall used as a substitute for those who have the feature tall.

2. Majas Sinekdok
Majas Sinekdok is a figure of speech that mentions the name of a part instead of the whole name or vice versa.

     Already this week Iwan not seem nose. (Though that is not the only bridge of the nose)
     Indonesia managed to bring back the trophy Thomas. (Though who managed only one team badminton)

     Pars pro toto is mention in part to the overall intent. contoh:
         Far had seen dozens of screens around the harbor.
         Where have you been all this time? It's been a long time did not seem rod nose. Grandma always ask you.
         He had to work hard from morning to evening because many mouths to be fed.
         We will hold salvation as gratitude because we ride all classes. For the cost of our collective responsibility of each head charged a fee of USD 1500.00
     Totem pro parte is any mention of the overall figure of speech for the purpose of part of it. contoh:
         In the last season, we have not anything. But in this year, our school should appear as a champion.
         In a game last season, Indonesia can achieve a gold medal.

3. Majas alusio
Majas alusio is a figure of speech that refers indirectly to an event or thing by using the familiar proverb sampiran rhyme nor use it already understood. This Majas figure of speech also called flash.

     Build castles only your work earlier. (Bragging / gab-way)
     Ah, you did ni elders taro. (That is increasingly becoming more and more old)

4. Majas Eufemisme
Majas Eufemisme is a figure of speech as a substitute for the phrase subtle allusion that feels rough and unpleasant. Majas Eufemisme used to shy away from anything that is considered taboo or substitute other words for the purpose of politeness.

     The man was indeed exchanged sense. (Substitute crazy)
     If in the forest do not mention grandmother. (Substitute tiger)
     The Government has entered into fuel price adjustment. (Substitute raise)

D. Majas Perulangan
The rich feel himself poor, while the poor man feels himself rich

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